To save this word, you'll need to log in. Noun Exports to China have risen this year. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The species has also been exported to Asia to supplement markets there.

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Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for export export. Entry 1 of 2 : to send a product to be sold in another country export. Entry 1 of 2 : to send a product to another country to sell it export.

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First Known Use of export Verb 15th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1 Nounin the meaning defined at sense 1 Adjectivein the meaning defined above. Learn More about export. Time Traveler for export The first known use of export was in the 15th century See more words from the same century. Dictionary Entries near export exponential series exponentiation exponible export exportation export bar export credit See More Nearby Entries.

More Definitions for export.Exports are goods and services that are produced in one country and sold to buyers in another. Exports, along with importsmake up international trade. Exports are incredibly important to modern economies because they offer people and firms many more markets for their goods.

Companies that export spread business risk by diversifying into multiple markets. Exporting into foreign markets can often reduce per-unit costs by expanding operations to meet increased demand. Finally, companies that export into foreign markets gain new knowledge and experience that may allow the discovery of new technologies, marketing practices and insights into foreign competitors.

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The most common foreign trade barriers are government-imposed measures and policies that restrict, prevent, or impede the international exchange of goods and services. Companies that export are presented with a unique set of challenges. Exports facilitate international trade and stimulate domestic economic activity by creating employment, production, and revenues.

Companies that export are typically exposed to a higher degree of financial risk. One example of an American export that makes its way all over the world is bourbon, a type of whiskey native to the U. Congressional resolution. Furthermore, if the liquor is labeled Kentucky bourbon, it must be produced in the state of Kentucky, similar to the way a sparkling wine must hail from the Champagne region of France to call itself "champagne.

The global market has developed quite a thirst for American bourbon in general and Kentucky bourbon, in particular, in the 21st century. However, intrade wars between the U.


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B2 [ I or T ] to send goods to another country for sale :. French cheeses are exported to many different countries. Our clothes sell so well in this country that we have no need to export. Opposite import. American culture has been exported all over the world.

Export Definition

We export our products to countries as far afield as Japan and Canada. Japan exports a huge quantity of cars around the world. An alarming number of these animals are being exported for the pet trade.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly.

Imports are any resources, goods, or services that producers in one country sell to buyers in another country. CBP offers tips for new importersincluding those who have recently started importing or who would like to know more about the process. Some types of goods and services require a license or permit to import into the U.

Exports are any resources, intermediate goods, or final goods or services that a buyer in one country purchases from a seller in another country.

Depending on the good or service, you may need a license or permit to export it from the U. In most cases, you will not need a license to import goods into the U. But, for certain goods being imported, some agencies may require a license, permit, or other certification. Most items exported to a foreign buyer will not require an export license. However, all items are subject to export control laws and regulations. The best way to find out if an item requires an export license is by checking which agency has jurisdiction over, or regulates, the item you are trying to export.

Search this list of federal departments and agencies to find out whether you need an export license for your product. To avoid any problems, follow the U. Ask a real person any government-related question for free. They'll get you the answer or let you know where to find it. Share This Page:.

Step by Step Procedure in an Export Shipment from India

Do you have a question? Talk to a live USA.This section includes an export certification checklist, requirements for meat, poultry and processed egg products, export related policies, and eligible U. This export certification checklist is recommended as a starting point when you want to export meat, poultry or processed egg products.

Access export requirements for meat, poultry and processed egg products, by country. Learn what requirements are necessary for exporting your products to other countries including packaging, labeling and other special conditions. Guidance for when an export label with deviations from domestic requirements needs submission to the Labeling and Program Delivery Staff for approval per 9 CFR Access to requirements for exporting processed egg products for all countries, and a list of countries with additional requirements.

Information about export eligibility of equine products, including horsemeat.

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Alphabetical listing of countries requiring plant pre-certification for imported meat and poultry products. The PHIS Export Component is available as an alternative to the paper-based export application and certification process.

Access requirements and procedures for the return of U. Access export tips that are designed to assist exporters and Agency employees with export rules and regulations. Find answers to questions on inspection-related policies, programs, systems, and procedures. Search the knowledge base, submit a new question, or sign up to be notified when answers are updated.


To assist U. Topics Careers. Data Collection and Reports. Fact Sheets. Food Defense and Emergency Response. Food Safety Education. FSIS Employees. International Affairs. Recalls and Public Health Alerts.


Regulatory Compliance. Contact Centers. Cooperative Agreements. Email Subscription Service. Exporting Products. Federal Grant of Inspection Guide. Importing Products. Label Submission and Approval System. Codex Office. Newsroom News Releases, Statements, Transcripts. Feeds and Subscriptions. Speeches and Presentations. Communications to Congress. Administrative Forms. Standard Forms. Compliance Assistance. News Releases, Statements, Transcripts.It doesn't matter how it is sent. It can be shipped, sent by email, or carried in personal luggage on a plane.

If it is produced domestically and sold to someone in a foreign country, it is an export. Exports are one component of international trade. The other component is imports. They are the goods and services bought by a country's residents that are produced in a foreign country.

Combined, they make up a country's trade balance. When the country exports more than it imports, it has a trade surplus. When it imports more than it exports, it has a trade deficit. That means they are better than any other companies at providing that product. Countries have comparative advantages in the commodities they have a natural ability to produce. For example, Kenya, Jamaica, and Colombia have the right climate to grow coffee.

India's population is its comparative advantage. Most countries want to increase their exports. They also gain knowledge about how to sell to foreign markets. Governments encourage exports. A country with large reserves can use it to manage their own currency's value. They have enough foreign currency to flood the market with their own currency. Countries also use currency reserves to manage liquidity. To control inflation, they use the foreign currency to purchase their own currency.

That decreases the money supplymaking the local currency worth more. There are three ways countries try to increase exports. But once they start doing this, other countries retaliate with the same measures. These trade wars lower international commerce for everyone. They boost exports by reducing trade protectionism. The so-called Doha agreement almost succeeded. But inthe Obama administration negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The third way countries boost exports is to lower the value of their currencies.

This makes their export prices comparatively lower in the receiving country. Central banks do this by lowering interest rates. A government can also print more currency or buy up foreign currency to make its value higher. Balance of Payments. Exports help a nation grow. As a trading component, it assumes importance in diplomatic and foreign policies. Countries export goods and services in which they have a competitive or comparative advantage.

Governments encourage exports because these:. For these reasons, countries seek to boost their exports.Enforcement of U. Cuban cigars are world-renowned for their quality and craftsmanship, and Americans have loved this major Cuban export for decades. Some even saw it as an American plot to export infected monkeys to Sierra Leone. Some time ago, I too left my comfortable life in Britain to export the idea of building a Khilafah [caliphate].

Before the war there was an average annual export of about 2, animals; but there is now a better local market than formerly. They made trousers for export trade; one machined, one finished, and one pressed, brave old women all! The export to the Soviet bloc of many other items is subject to limitations as to quantities permitted to be shipped.

The two principal articles of export were at that time green hides for Europe and the Paraguayan mat for Peru. Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary british export.

Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Words nearby export exponential functionexponential growthexponential hornexponentiationexponibleexportexport quotaexport rejectexport-import bankexportationexposal. Words related to export shipdumpsmuggletransportconsignfreightconveytransship. Example sentences from the Web for export Enforcement of U. London's Underworld Thomas Holmes. The Secret of the League Ernest Bramah.

Compare import. Derived forms of export exportableadjective exportabilitynoun exporternoun.


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