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A dynamometer, or "dyno" as they're called by you and I, is a device for measuring force, moment of force torqueor power. In the automotive world, they're used to precisely calculate the power produced by a vehicle's engine at the wheels. What you'll need: A dual-wheel truck axle with a working differential.

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Four truck tires. Welding gear. Metal beams. Maybe an eddy-current brake. Concrete, gravel and some steel tubing. A farm. The help of two guys from Norway who've already done this. This guide. At the duo's outpost in the hinterlands northeast of Oslo, where they'd built two turbocharged LS1-powered Mazda RX7s, they had no way to properly — and safely — tune the cars before heading out on the road.

Buy a chassis dyno? Hell no. Those damn things cost money. Big money. Tens of thousands. But don't forget who we're talking about: Norwegians, the people who crushed Hitler's atomic-bomb program by staging commando raids on their own nuclear plant, which at the time was under Nazi occupation.

Norwegians are the founding members of Team Live Badass. Enter the "redneck dyno. The project sprang to life from a single post on LS1tech :. Read on as they take us through the sketchy, but ultimately successful build. Step one: Find a proper axle.Some Dynamometers use water as a load mechanism during engine testing.

Water flow proportional to desired applied load is used to create resistance to the engine or motor. A controlled flow of water is directed at the absorber center, and via centrifugal force, is expelled towards the outside of the dynamometer and into the stator.

As the water hits the stator, it decelerates, causing an applied load to the input device. Through the water's continual acceleration and deceleration, load may be controlled and measured.

This is a very effective and safe way to measure the performance of an engine running under a controlled load. The dynamometers feature water as a braking mechanism, or absorberhence the name waterbrake. It is just the dynamometer and not the computer, which can still be purchased very easily.

The dyno was made by precision dyno racing for ESP emissions testing. Right now the dyno is set up for hp max but with a different PAU can handle much more horsepower. This is a great tool to test run in your performance engines.

This water brake was used a couple of times to test a 29 Hp electric motor, it is rated for Horsepower and Ft-Lbs of torque.

Yamaha Wr250f Motorcycles for sale

It was determined to be too larger for the application. This unit is approximately 12 years old, but has spent most of its life on a shelf in a climate controlled shop. This unit has a built in tachometer on the end, which will allow for RPM to be measured.

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This unit is still serviceable and the needed equipment to make this fully operational can be purchased through Go Power or from any source that sells load sensiing equipment. Water consumption is around 50 GPM at full load. The max RPM is continuous and 10, intermittent. Uses a six cylinder GM motor to power the Dyno.

motorcycle dyno for sale craigslist

Includes many accessories. All parts and adaptors are available from SuperFlo. Go-Power D water brake dynamometer serial : DH Dual rotor. Max HP Unit can be set up as a fixed base or as a portable setup. It comes with a splined input shaft to mount up to most bell housings.

This unit is still sold new through Stone Bennett Corporation. This unit was in a laboratory setting and is in perfect, near new condition. It comes with three sets of digital instrumentation to monitor the dyno and engine mounted in a roll around consol.

There is a load cell and a tachometer pickup on the unit that hooks right into the instrumentation and is in excellent working condition. Operation manual included.This safely and accurately puts you in front of a vehicle with unprecedented results.

Dynamometers are used for vehicle and engine design, to develop new aftermarket products and diagnose problems for vehicle repair. Varying degrees of complexity have been used in an attempt to simulate road conditions such as wind drag, inertia the weight of the vehicleor climbing a hill.

By utilizing our Direct Torque Measurement design and a light weight drum, the tire is touching the load cell; eliminating all frictional drag from bearings, belts and temperature changes.

This technology greatly enhances the AXIS Dynamometer's repeatability and accuracy over the competition. The drums on the AXIS dynamometer machines are coated with a durable and rust-resistant, metalizing arc spray. This specialized arc spray material delivers uncompromised traction and tire wear that matches the road, pushing each test closer to real life conditions. This allows for more precise tuning and provides the opportunity to test a variety of vehicles.

A new kind of dynamometer is required to handle these innovations. The MOTO VX delivers unique features allowing the motorcycle dyno to produce track running conditions to fully analyze a vehicle to the exact detail. Extremely popular in today's motorcycle sales are Trike applications. The MOTO VX is the most versatile dynamometer to handle both regular two-wheeled motorcycles along with three-wheeled two rear wheels motorcycles.

Real world conditions are critical for setup and testing of CVT clutches. Come join our high tech team of tuners before you find yourself a lap down. With roots in gaming software, AVS allows you to acquire and analyze multiple variables at once and most importantly, in real time.

Diagnostic graphs are displayed as the data is collected. You can scan over a dynamometer run and pinpoint any specific moment in time.

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You can also create your own drive cycle for the vehicle to operate in. Multi-screen options are available to analyze and compare different variables of data all at once. The base software also comes equipped with an additional four auxiliary volt inputs, with the option to upgrade to as many as 64 inputs. Download Here. Each one of the Dobeck AXIS dynamometers offers various additional parts to enhance the testing experience.

By utilizing a hydraulic system, the AXIS dynamometer trailer can be set in place within a matter of minutes by simply lowering the frame to the ground. Purchase the rolling chassis to create your own custom look or sit down with our design team and we will build your vision. Built from steel, the frame is topped with industrial grade Grip Strut tread. If you specialize in sand dune, mud, or ultra-horsepower tuning, an additional blower can be installed in a matter of minutes.

The base software can utilize up to four volt AFR inputs. What is AXIS? Dyno Features. Featuring patented technology Dynamometers are used for vehicle and engine design, to develop new aftermarket products and diagnose problems for vehicle repair. Torque Drag Traction Inertia Cooling.

Financing Options. Apply Online Download Application Benefits.Make Yamaha. Model WR. Runs great, nothing wrong with it. It even still has the original tires with plenty of tread left.

The WR F dirt bike is specifically designed for trail-riding: electric start, headlight, taillight, and a wide-ratio transmission. Original dealership title certificate or origin included. Local pickup only. Call or text me anytime at if you have questions, or want to come take a look.

They have been kept totally clean and the Maintenance was completed on both bikes. Both are ready to ride and have electric start. This is the perfect set for a father and son or daughter or mixed up what ever.

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We are firm on the price and we do not want to break up the set. Please call or Text Todd with any questions. Originally purchased by a 55 plus year old veteran motocross rider to try out some woods and enduro type riding.

With only so much free time, certainly not enough for a new hobby, the bike has sat unused all season. The reality of not having time to use this beautiful off road bike is prompting its sale. One man's loss, is another man's gain! Barley used with under 50 miles, the bike shows beautifully, sporting some very desirable upgrades. This Off Road original C. All shipping and transportation arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the winning bidder.

Please fee free to contact seller with any questions. Thank you. The motorcycle is like New. All work perfect, title is in my name.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. If you have a questions about our other Power sports Products. Power Commander Power vision Jet Kits. Our C3 Tuning Software can store all of your data from your fuel tuner onto your computer and compare it side by side for even more insight into your performance.

Our PowerCore software does far more than compare data; it also helps you tune like never before. It can create maps with up to 30 throttle positions, designate target AFRs for each map cell, and map multiple cylinders simultaneously. Display and read your data in whatever form you need to get the best tune possible. PowerCore can stream your live data and display it as power cells or graphs for comparisons and easy diagnostics.

Below is a list of the Dynamometer specifications. In addition, you can download a pdf specs. For additional specifications related questions, please give us a call at: Utilizes a precision psi pressure transducer and quick disconnects for fast, easy installation and accurate results.

motorcycle dyno for sale craigslist

Allows load testing by close-looping on rpm, speed or percentage of load. These comprehensive kits are perfect for small independent shops, or franchised dealers looking to minimize the headaches and maximize profits. Use one Tuner Kit to tune as many bikes as you want with a single Power Vision and buy licenses as you need them!

Includes professional grade Riv-Nut tool, drill bit, and enough hardware to sample up to 25 bikes! Includes bolts, washers, Riv-Nuts, specialty bolts, and billet manifold interfaces. Includes drill bit, bolts, washers, Riv-Nuts, specialty bolts, and billet manifold interfaces.

Measures real-time torque, and allows sweep, step and custom load simulation tests. Bolts onto the control panel arm and holds the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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Motor driven wheel clamp controlled through the control panel for securing front wheel without stepping off the motorcycle. Motor driven carriage controlled from control panel for adjusting wheelbase without stepping off the motorcycle. Air actuated disk brake used for slowing drum. Whether you are making EFI calibrations, diagnosing a problem or simply getting a horsepower reading, the HD Data Link gives you more data such as volumetric efficiency, spark advance, cylinder temp, and more.

Available in a 6ft or 12 ft harness length.

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This new harness kit aids dyno operators in establishing engine RPM signals with select motorcycles. Each harness uses OEM style connectors, plugs in-line with the stock ignition system, and the non-loomed wiring makes it easy for the Dynojet Inductive RPM to clamp onto.

The course consists of hands-on dyno training as well as classroom time. An over the counter OBD diagnostic tool is required. Make sure this tool is CAN compatible. This is huge for dyno users, who can view this data live while using the dyno and sample it in the horsepower graph.Get the most out of your motorcycle.

From mild to wild. We attend numerous events annually. Contact us today to reserve a date. While growing up, I learned as much as possible about how things work. After an extended enlistment in the U. Air force as a jet engine and aircraft mechanic, I worked for over 25 years in auto dealerships as an ASE master mechanic. There I developed excellent troubleshooting skills and a very good understanding of engines, transmissions, drivelines, electrical, carburetor and fuel injection systems.

I discovered the need for a knowledgeable tuner and skilled dyno operator in the Concord, N.

AXIS Dynamometer

After years of tuning all styles and brands of motorcycles, we became a Dyno-jet Authorized Power Commander Tuning Center. This led to Max Power Dyno providing shop Harley services and repairs, engine and transmission overhauls, with all levels of performance. We are a small business that works on quality and not quantity.

We provide quality repairs with attention to details at affordable prices. Being small allows us to get to know every customer and their needs, so they know what to expect and why before I start their build or repairs. Please Note: Prices may vary and a more accurate estimate will be given after bike arrives at Max Power Dyno. Performance engine prices have so many variables that price quotes must be given on each bike.

Please call to discuss your bike. What will a dyno evaluation tell me about my motorcycle? Do I need a dyno tune? Which fuel injection tuning systems have you been factory trained on?

motorcycle dyno for sale craigslist

That means we have the latest Dynojet dyno, hardware, software and operating system. We have completed comprehensive Power Commander tuning training which allows us access to Power Commander Tuning Center software. Hardware and software combine to write a full custom map for any bike with a Power Commander installed.

motorcycle dyno for sale craigslist

Dynojet Vision Tuning Center coming soon. Can you tune carbureted bikes? All bikes with factory carburetors require installation of a performance kit. Can I do performance upgrades in stages?

Atecc608a example

Yes, but you need to make a plan. This is not always the case.

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What kind of builds does Max Power Dyno specialize in? We specialize in all levels of performance Harley Davidson street engines. How do I choose a fuel injection tuning system? They allow adjustments to idle RPM on throttle by wire bikes and rev-limiters on all bikes.

Auto tune systems are more expensive, but provide the best results and are worth the added cost. If choosing a auto tune system, for best results, it must utilize Wide Band o2 sensors. Narrow Band o2 sensors stock on Harley Davidson have a smaller operating range that cannot accurately control richer mixtures required in some RPM ranges. We do not recommend any system that only plugs in-line to the fuel injectors.This nice looking motorcycle dyno is now being bidden.

The initi Dyno testing and tuning. Running win pep 8 and dynoware. The jacket can also be zipped onto we. Collection always welcome thanks for looking free delivery - this is on all of my items. Drop a gear and disappear kings of vengeance mc. The dyno room has 4" thick walls and roof for sound deadening, with a dual hose exhaust extraction system. Handmade piston pendant, charm automotive car.

Subtle shell recess for better fitting goggles. Prices will depend on the complexity please contact us for an individual quote. Dynojet Motorcycle Dyno We are closing our business independent bike these are full chromolly and are v. Handmade piston pendant art, charm car jewelry. Plenty of life still left in these. This is a professional dyno room and dynojet dyno. Motorcycle Seat for Sale for sale. Working perfectly. In fantastic condition.

Has a little more cosmetic wear and tear but is also in good condition. Asking price is Selling my all new custom dyno and trailer. This has plenty good qualities.

The offer price is Axis dynamometer- motorcycle dyno. Vented roost guard integrated i. Thundermax auto tune for harley. Also brand new eddy current brake and a power clamp. Dyna rpm limiter for sale. I have a dayton motorcycle dyno. E-z tire beads motorcycle kit, ceramic balancing 2. Condition: used includes: bike only. The item will be shipped by air mail or registered airmail with tracking. Mobile Motorcycle Dynomometer dynojet dyno.

Delivery we always offer a free postage option but this does take up to working da Looking for bidding opportunity? Here is a Dynojet motorcycle dyno that is up for bidding now.


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