Solangelo baby fanfiction

I've seen other similar fics, but none of them have ever sat right with me no offense, they've been well written, just not how I imagine the situation going.

So, here's my take on the adventures of Solangelo babysitting Percabeth's son! I own absolutely nothing! Another thing: in my opinion there is nothing mature about this particular piece of mine, and I hate things that are rated on an overly sensitive scale I get all excited, and then I'm disappointedbut I have an incredibly open and dirty mind, and I don't want to offend anybody. So, hence the rating. There is some very minor language it's one word and the first time I said it I think I was fourand one of the main couples is gay.

And also some parenting things. Whatever was going on wasn't his fault. She had been the one to suggest going out for dinner and a show. She was the one that had been impatient to get back out in the world and start experiencing things again. She'd been on maternity leave for three months now and she was starting to go stir-crazy staring at the same four walls all day.

Don't get her wrong; Percy had been fantastic through the entire thing. He'd been off on summer vacation from his job at the school and was only life guarding a couple days out of the week. He'd stayed in with her and changed diapers and taken the midnight feedings that he could, but Annabeth was Annabeth and a little bit of a control freakand having nothing else to focus on other than breast feeding and doing laundry was driving her insane.

She'd seen an add in the paper for a small off-Broadway show that one of her older siblings had written children of Athena applied their intelligence in all disciplines, not just architecture and governmentand had bought the tickets before she could change her mind.

Percy had been ecstatic. Despite living in the same house and bonding with her over their newfound parenthood, he'd missed having conversations with her that weren't interrupted by a baby crying and he hoped that he'd be able to wrap his arm around her and kiss her a couple of times throughout the night.

Paul had a teaching convention out of town though, so he and Sally couldn't babysit. Annabeth had thought about calling it off when she'd found out, but Percy suggested asking around a bit first, and against Annabeth's better judgment they did. Everybody had said yes.

solangelo baby fanfiction

Annabeth was certain that some of them would cancel before the time actually came. Who didn't get offers for better plans that babysitting on a Saturday night? But lo' and behold, they'd all showed up at Percy and Annabeth's fifteen minutes before they had to leave. Annabeth had tried to convince Percy to call it off again mostly she was afraid of the two gods blowing up the apartment building and her sonbut Poseidon and Athena promised to behave and Percy had whisked Annabeth off of her feet.

Percy had only had a second's worth of hesitation at the whole situation, but he trusted his friends and was pretty sure Hestia would intervene before either of the gods did anything dumb. The evening had been going wonderfully for the young couple. Annabeth was still worried, but Percy had coaxed her into relaxing and she really was enjoying herself. Dinner was fantastic, the taxi ride had been quiet, the show was entertaining and engaging.

It was all of things that a wonderful evening should have been. It all started to change when they got in the taxi to go home and nobody was answering their phones. Annabeth started panicking immediately, as any mother in her situation would. Percy had resisted the urge to roll his eyes as Annabeth started rambling about monster attacks and freak mass food-allergies, but once she'd made a circuit through all of their phones without an answer, he'd started to worry, too.

It very well could have and if his wasn't, somebody else's was, because if every single person in that room wasn't fighting for their lives against Kronos and Gaea again, he was going to kill them. Every single one of them.So yeah, I wrote one.

Also I have this headcanon where Nico listens to cassette tapes and stuff. So yeah. Anyways, enjoy! Will Solace watched with a grin as Nico sat at the Hades table, bobbing his head to the music.

Unlike most campers who had their iPods or phones to listen to music on, Nico had his cassette tape player.

solangelo baby fanfiction

Nico claimed that there was something more unique about the sound quality. He sat there, eating his scrambled eggs with a certain air of politeness. Nico had grown up in an entirely different time, so he had more manners than Percy, Jason and Leo combined, though that wasn't saying much.

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But can you still be on my team? Will nodded and Clarisse disappeared off to gods know where, probably trying to rope the Hecate cabin in. Will looked over at the Hades table.

Nico had disappeared, having finished his breakfast and already made his offering. I should probably go find him, Will thought, getting up. He looked everywhere but the Hades cabin, wanting to leave the place until last. As much as he liked Nico, the cabin was cold and dark, and the two still hadn't redecorated yet.

Finally, he figured out that Nico had to be in his cabin. After stopping off at the Apollo cabin for a sunny yellow hoodie, he trudged over to the Hades cabin. The door was unlocked, and he made his way in.

Nico didn't like uninvited visitors, but Will and Percy seemed to be the exceptions. Will froze. There was a guy who Nico liked. A guy who obviously wasn't him. After making the decision that Nico didn't need him he had HazelWill ran off, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Why couldn't Nico see that he was there, that Will was better than whoever this idiot was? It just wasn't fair! Will had been there since the war ended. He'd been there when Nico woke up screaming with nightmares. He'd been there when Nico felt like there was no one. Will made his way to the Aphrodite cabin.

He'd talked to Piper a couple times about his massive crush on Nico, and unlike most Aphrodite kids, Piper had listened and actually gave valuable advice. He blinked a couple of times and dragged the sleeve of his sweatshirt across his eyes, trying to stop the tears. Piper felt a little awkward with the usually sunny teen curled up in a ball, crying. Piper sighed. The two males could really be clueless sometimes.

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Gut instinct, remember?All rights to Rick Riodan. I don't own characters. Sorry this is my first fanfiction if I wrote it bad. Travis and Conner were being chased my an angry nico who was throwing knives at them. Travis and Conner ran to the dinning pavilion and bumped into a certain blonde doctor.

The campers eating just stared at them. In fact some who knew exactly who it was, started sweating. Suddenly the ceiling broke apart and a boy jumped in with purple energy swirling around his hands. Nico's eyes were glowing purple and black, "I will kill you and turn you into a shadow then I will put you in oblivion!

Before anyone can say things, Nico chased the strolls around shooting purple things. Nico almost reached them until he had been held back from Will Solace. Will surprisely shot the camper a glare, "Nico you literally used your powers A camper dropped his pancake on his face.

Another camper fainted and the rest had their mouths wide open. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Nerf guns? Time loops?

Solangelo Pt 3//The Book I'm Writing Chapter 1

Haunted Houses? Even IQ tests? Plus de-aged. This fanfic contains short stories of half-bloods and couples in life AHEM Everyone can be stupid and dumb at times. This is my first fanfiction!

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Calm down This book will not kill you. I update quite a lot to say. Noted: It will be complete in October 6th. It all started when will and nico started dating and lots of stuff happened of course Ow, what did you do?? Will was holding an empty injection, "There you go. Will put him down gently, "C'mon, stop trying to murder people, Sunshine. Everyone was shocked. Will shook his head, rolling his eyes, "Typical death boy.

Will walked away right after. The three of them snicked together," Spy on them!Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Solangelo erotica! Series of dirty smutty one shots. Nico and Will are the main starts with Jason and Percy guest starring. This series is complete, need more? End chapter directs you to the next set of smut shots.

This isn't a series but I thought I would post this story to this one because it seems to have the theme of. One person or both are kissed off and then end up having sex so boom I guess you could call this my angry sex series. Enjoy and review! Love hearing what you guys have to say and I love prompts so feel feee to message me with something you would like to see!

Will had been working in the infirmary for 12 days straight. I hadn't seen him except for mornings lunch and bedtime. I would make him breakfast and let him sleep as much as he could only to find him exhausted by the end of the day. Even falling asleep at the dinner table twice.

I felt so bad for him. I also felt bad for me because Will being exhausted meant no alone time for us and I was getting a little frustrated. Will had a new class of healers in and since he was head healer he was teaching them all the last two weeks. Apollo apparently slowed down having kids so a few of them were not his siblings. He had 3 new apollos 1 Aphrodite 2 Demeter and 3 Hecate kids. It was a full class and each of these training sessions seemed to be twelve hours each.It's Solangelo.

solangelo baby fanfiction

I was listening to this in the car the other day, and I had a fangirl attack because it fit so well. Anyway, this is my first fanfic. Hope you like. Nico is listening to the song Centuries by Fall Out Boy, when a wave of memory comes crashing down in him.

Will Will Solace be there to help, or will Nico be left to cry alone? Damn that stupid song. Damn it. Nico hated it! If only he hadn't turned on the radio this morning. But he did, and this happened.

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Oh well. It could be worse. Nico was awoken by the sun streaming through his window. He was about to bury his head under the covers again, when he heard the loud bang of a cabin door specifically his slamming open, and an oh-so-cheerful voice.

You need carbs. Get up, so I can feed you. It was true. Even after three weeks at Camp Half-Blood, Nico still looked like a skeleton.

Though his olive complexion was returning, bit by bit, he still looked sickly and pale, with dark bags under his eyes and his clothes hanging of his frame. Get out of bed right now! Will stood in front of him, hands on his hips, a stern look on his face.

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solangelo baby fanfiction

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